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11 Famous Hubli Foods and Local Street Food You Must Try

Famous Hubli Food - Paapdi Chutney

Yes! Hubli food is famous. Hubli recipes are even more famous, worldwide. There are restaurants all over the world that serve Hubli special food dishes like Girmit, Jolad rotti, and Bhajji Mirchi.

The discussion on Hubli food is incomplete without mentioning the famous SSK Savji (Saoji) foods and local Lingayat Khanavali foods.

And haven’t you heard of Dharwad pedha? We will get into all that in this post today, Famous Foods that you must try in Hubli.

Almost all of these delicious foods can be found around Sirur Park street food area and Durgad bail area of Hubli. Google these locations for directions.

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Let’s list the 11 Famous Hubli Foods (Veg and Non-veg)

1. Girmit (South Indian Bhel)

Hubli Famous Girmit Recipe:

Hubli Special Girmit Recipe

Girmit is must-have food in Hubli and is the most famous food in Hubli city. Made from Puffed rice, also called “Churmuri” locally. Girmit is undoubtedly the most popular Hubli street food.

Head straight to “Durgad Bail” eat street, (Khau Galli) and ask for Hiremath Girmit center and try both sukka as well as classic Girmits available there. Don’t forget to add the masala green chili.

Popular names of Girmit: Mandakki masala, churumuri, Hubli bhel and Khara churumuri

Fun Fact: The Hubli famous food Girmit is so popular, that there was a Kannada movie released named “Girmit” in 2019.

2. Hubli-Dharwad Pedha – By Babu Singh Thakur

hubli dharwad pedha sweet 1 Hubli.net
Hubli-Dharwad Famous Pedha

Dharwad pedha is one of the most famous sweets in Hubli. Though the original Pedha is from Dharwad (20 km from Hubli), this is THE HUBLI FOOD most people try in the city. Milk and Khova are the primary ingredients.

Famous Hubli Food - The Dharwad Pedha
Famous Hubli Food – The Dharwad Pedha

Due to it’s popularity, you will find this pedha pretty much in every sweet shop in Hubli. You can buy this from the original source Babusing Thakur Pedha shop (if you are in Dharwad) or Mishra Pedha, Big Mishra or Renuka Sweets ONLY if you are in Hubli.

The recipe is even recognized by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prahlad Joshi who hails from Hubli was selected as the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs (India) in the Central Cabinet under Prime Minister Modi.

PM Modi had asked Prahlad Joshi, “So, where are the Dharwad Pedha?”

Responding to PM Modi’s friendly remark, Mr Joshi distributed Dharwad pedha in the Parliament.

If you happen to travel to Dharwad, then nothing like it, you can get hold of the original Pedha by visiting the famous Babu Singh Pedha wala. Just ask anybody for the “original Babu Singh Pedha wala”.

So, the next time you are in town, don’t forget to try this king of Hubli Foods!

3. Paddu (Fried Flour Balls)

Paddu Hubli famous snack food Hubli.net
Paddu – Hubli Famous Snack Food

Have you heard of Paddu?

Paddu is an Indian dish made by steaming batter using a mould.

They are fried flour balls that are extremely popular in the local homes of Hubli as a snack. They are very similar to the South Indian pakodas but with a twist. The best part about Paddu is that it can be made quickly and easily at home with just a few ingredients.

Due to its popularity, quite a few stalls are offering this as street food in Hubli. You can find these famous paddu being sold on push carts all around the city, particularly near the Durgad Bail street food area.

These hot and fresh Paddu are served with two chutneys, green chilli and tamarind chutney along with raw onions. The paddu is fried in common cooking oil and is slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

It just melts in your mouth as you take a bite of it. This is one of those foods that you must try when you are in Hubli.

4. Kanda Bhajji (Onion Pakoda, Pyaz Ke Pakode)

Hubli food, famous kanda bhaji, onion pakoda
The Famous Kanda Bhajji of Hubli – Dharwad

Unlike the round onion ring pakodas you find elsewhere, the Kanda bhajji or Onion pakoda of Hubli are different to look and taste.

The moment you eat your first bite, you will feel the pleasant taste of the onions (the slightly burnt aroma), dip this with your favourite green chutney (green dip), or accompany it with fried green chillies to complete the taste. This is one of the must-try foods in Hubli.

The chutney that you get with this recipe differs from place to place in Hubli. Some offer extra hot and spicy green chilly chutney, while others offer coconut chutney. Onion bhaji goes well with both the chutneys.

5. Paapdi Chutney

Copy of hubli food famous papdi chutney Hubli.net
Famous Hubli Food – Paapdi chutney

Well, another popular Hubli food loved by the locals and visitors is Paapdi Chutney. Let me warn you, this chutney is not for the faint-hearted, because it is mainly prepared from hot (spicy) green chillies. So, this street food is a must-try when you are in Hubli.

Recommended places to try Paapdi Chutney in Hubli.

Ramesh Sweets (Kamripeth, Dagiban Peth)

Mishra Pedha
You will find Mishra Pedha all over Hubli city, so no problem finding this one in the city.

6. Bhille Lakkad Ghaati and Misal Khara

If you are more of a food adventurer, this snack is a must! The Gangaram Bhille’s lakkad ghaati is world-famous in Hubli. No, really! This is one of the must-have foods in Hubli. It goes well with tea, coffee, kick-ass with beer and other alcoholic drinks as well.

hubli food lakkad ghati
Bhille’s Lakkad Ghati

Crackling crispy, spicy ghaati(ghaatiya) from Bhille is a must-try if you are in Hubli.

These Lakkad Ghatiyas are also exported to a lot of customers abroad and ONLY on the reservation.


What’s unique about this shop is its limited daily supply. If you want to try this snack, you need to visit the Bhille’s shop between 8 am to 10:30 am. Their daily stock is pretty much sold out between this time and the shop is then closed for the day!


Hubli special food, namkeen lakkad ghaati

This is not Bille’s ghaati, but similar style, slightly different taste. The product is available on Amazon.

7. Mirchi Bhajji (in Akkihond Market)

You will find Mirchi Bhajji in every nook and corner of Hubli, it is that famous over here. However, I highly recommend trying the original, super tasty, and authentic Mirchi Bhajji from the Akkihond market.

The place has no name, but just reach the Akkihonda market and ask anybody for “Famous Bassu Mirchi Wala” and you will be guided.

What’s special about these mirchis is the jeera masala chillis. There are other places in Hubli that serve mirchi bhajjis with masala chillies as well. However, I must say, the Mirchi bhajjis of Akkihonda market is sure to give you the “YUMMMMM” wala feeling.

Hubli famous food, mirchi bhajji
Hubli’s famous food, Mirchi Bhajji

Please note, you cannot travel to this place by car due to the congestion and lack of parking space. Highly recommend travelling in an auto-rickshaw.

Mirchi in Akkihonda by Bassu
Mirchi in Akkihonda by Bassu

Map Directions

This place starts around 5 pm every day. Expect a minimum wait time of 10-15 minutes as there will always be a queue to get hold of this famous Hubli food, evening snack. Consider yourself lucky, if you get your order immediately!

8. Lingayat Khanavali Meals

Your visit to Hubli will remain incomplete if you miss tasting meals from “Basaveshwara Lingayat Khanavali”. These Khanavalis are present in many areas of Hubli and offer some of the most authentic Lingayat recipes – heard of vegetable pallya and jolada rotti?

Here is the ORIGINAL Basaveshwar Lingayat Khanavali location:

Please note: There are many duplicates of this brand in Hubli. It’s not that they are bad. All homemade, fresh food. However, the original is original.

image 1 Hubli.net

What’s interesting about this place is, that you can buy the local Dharwad Pedha along with tasting the local Lingayat meals.

9. Savji Kahavali Meal

Let’s talk about the real food of Hubli. The Savji food! This is where the vegetarians voluntarily convert to non-vegetarians, lol!

If you love Non-vegetarian food, then you must check out the Top non-veg restaurants in Hubli.

Savji, Saoji meals in Hubli. Savji food in Hubli
Savji Mutton Meals in Hubli

Once you land in Hubli, just literally ask anybody in the town to guide you to a good Savji Khanavali and you will not be disappointed.

Do remember, the people in the Savji community eat pretty hot and spicy food.

When you order the savji meals, you will be typically served with a bowl of mutton curry, keema (meatballs) curry, khara boti (salted spicy Savji kebabs), a very delicious tasting edmi (also pronounced as Yadmee), and the yummy savji kushka rice.

Many tourists can be found in the savji khanavalis in Hubli. Most of these original khanavalis are literally Savji homes! They dedicate one or two rooms to their small restaurant and the food is cooked at home.

Hubli has recently seen an upscale Savji restaurant called Jumann. In a very short span of time, Jumann has earned the ‘most famous Savaji hotel in Hubli’ title.

The lingayats and savjis rule the Hubli city when it comes to food.

10. Guru Sandwich (Durgad Bail)

Famous Guru Sandwich Durgadbail Hubli Hubli.net
Shree Guru Sandwich
Famous Guru Sandwich Durgadbail Hubli 1 Hubli.net
Getting orders ready
Famous Guru Sandwich Durgadbail Hubli 2 Hubli.net
Veg Sandwich Top View
Famous Guru Sandwich Durgadbail Hubli 3 Hubli.net
A layer of baby cucumbers
Famous Guru Sandwich Durgadbail Hubli 4 Hubli.net
Here you go!
Famous Guru Sandwich Durgadbail Hubli 5 Hubli.net

This is a very old place and I remember eating the sandwich here for as long as I can remember. The Guru sandwich stall is located in the Durgad bail street food area in Hubli.

Why should you try Guru Sandwich?

I love this sandwich because it is a very straightforward recipe and they don’t try to add too many things to it. The vegetables are fresh. The toppings are boiled potato, cucumber, beetroot, tomato, and onion with a green chutney base.

No frills, no cheese, no mayonnaise. Just fresh bread, vegetables, and green chutney at a very affordable price of just Rs.20!

Due to so many sandwich options available these days, the Guru sandwich stall might not look like much for many. Just one thing on the menu every day – The Famous Guru Sandwich.

So, if you are looking for a no-nonsense, healthy, and tasty sandwich option in Hubli then this is the stall you might want to try.

Just one standard sandwich that is totally worth trying!

11. Lamb Blood Fry – Hubli’s Daring Delicacy!

hubli lamb blood Hubli.net
11. Lamb Blood Fry - Hubli's Daring Delicacy!

For the adventurous foodies out there, Lamb Blood Fry is a must-try delicacy when visiting Hubli. This unique and thrilling dish, primarily savored by the Savaji community of North Karnataka, is bound to challenge your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons. Found predominantly in the regions of Hubli, Dharwad, and Gadag, this intriguing dish is not for the faint-hearted!

The Lamb Blood Fry’s preparation is quite an experience in itself. As the lamb is slaughtered, blood is carefully collected through the neck and serves as the central ingredient of this daring recipe. Expert chefs then skillfully combine the fresh blood with a blend of exotic spices and local ingredients, resulting in a dish that’s both intensely flavorful and utterly unforgettable. Dare to indulge in this extraordinary culinary adventure and discover a new dimension of Hubli’s rich and diverse food culture.

However, it’s important to note that the Lamb Blood Fry is not a dish you’ll easily find in commercial establishments. This delicacy is typically prepared in the homes of the Savaji community and is reserved for special occasions when a sheep is slaughtered.

Savaji people generally do not purchase blood from mutton shops, maintaining the exclusivity of this exceptional dish. If you happen to know someone from the Savaji community, consider yourself lucky, as you may have the opportunity to taste this elusive and daring delight.

Final Words

In conclusion, Hubli offers a vast array of scrumptious delicacies that are bound to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. From the famous Girmit and Dharwad Pedha to the thrilling Lamb Blood Fry, there’s a dish for every food lover in this vibrant city.

When visiting Hubli, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore its rich culinary landscape by indulging in these delightful local foods, be it from street food vendors, traditional Khanavalis, or famous sweet shops.

So, embark on a gastronomic journey through Hubli and discover the authentic flavors of this incredible city!

You may also want to check out the best places to hang out in Hubli.

Do let me know your experience of the food in Hubli, and if I have missed any food on this list.


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      Thanks for stopping by. If you know somebody in Hubli, you can get it through them. They will have to be ready to wait in queue for 20-30 mins.
      Unfortunately, the Bhille’s are not selling their products online, else I would have definitely included the link to purchase.
      I can do one thing. I will call them up and ask if they can ship it to Hyderabad, if yes, I will pass your number to them.
      If not, it is worth visiting Hubli for Bhille’s lakkad ghati 🙂


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