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8 Famous Things To Buy In Hubli That Everyone Is Talking About!

famous things to buy in Hubli

Welcome to Hubli, a bustling city in the southern Indian state of Karnataka that’s known for its rich history, culture, and shopping scene. If you’re a shopaholic, Hubli is a paradise with a wide range of unique and authentic items to choose from. From traditional handicrafts to local delicacies, there’s something for everyone.

To help you navigate through the vast shopping landscape of Hubli, we’ve put together a list of 8 things to buy in Hubli. These items are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity and are sure to leave you with some wonderful memories of your trip.

8 Famous Things To Buy In Hubli

1. Dharwad Pedha

Hubli Dharwad Pedha Sweet.jpg Hubli.net

Indulge your sweet cravings with the world-famous Dharwad Pedha, a delectable must-try item on your list of things to buy in Hubli. This delightful sweet hails from the town of Dharwad in Karnataka and has gained nationwide popularity thanks to its unique taste and texture. Crafted from a blend of milk, sugar, and cardamom, Dharwad Pedha is an irresistible, melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

When considering what to buy in Hubli, be sure to sample this scrumptious confectionery and consider bringing back a box or two for friends and family.

2. Kolhapuri Chappals

Where to buy: Dajiban peth, Durgad bail area and U-Mall

Kolhapuri Chappals Hubli.net

Buy the stylish and comfortable Kolhapuri chappals that originated in Maharashtra and are popular across India. These handcrafted leather sandals are not only comfortable but also stylish, making them a popular choice for footwear lovers. The chappals come in various designs, colors, and patterns, ensuring that there’s a pair to suit every taste. Their durability and comfort make them a great choice for daily wear or as a unique souvenir to take back home.

3. Silk Sarees

Where to buy:

Geetanjali silk sarees Hubli.net

Discover the elegance of traditional silk sarees from Karnataka, renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Hubli is famous for its silk sarees, which embody sophistication and grace. These sarees are available in a variety of colors and designs, often adorned with intricate patterns and borders.

The superior quality of the silk ensures that the sarees drape exquisitely, making them a top choice among women seeking a luxurious addition to their wardrobe. When exploring famous things to buy in Hubli, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase these exquisite silk sarees.

4. Brassware

Where to buy: Dajiban peth and Gandhi market

brassware hubli Hubli.net

Buy beautiful brass items like lamps, vessels, and more that are sure to add a touch of elegance to your home. Hubli’s brassware is known for its intricate designs and excellent craftsmanship. These items not only make for stunning decorative pieces, but they are also functional and can be used for various purposes.

Brass lamps, for example, are perfect for adding a warm glow to your home, while brass vessels can be used for cooking or serving food. Explore the local markets to find the perfect brass item that will add a touch of tradition and elegance to your home.

5. Local Spices

Where to buy:

20211206 210216 Hubli.net

Hubli’s local markets are a treasure trove of aromatic spices, making them a perfect souvenir for food enthusiasts. From the popular Savji Red Chilly Powder to other essential spices like turmeric, coriander, and cumin, the markets in Hubli offer a wide variety of high-quality spices that will elevate your culinary experiences.

Stock up on these flavorful ingredients to bring a taste of Hubli to your home kitchen, or share them with friends and family who appreciate the rich flavors of Indian cuisine.

6. Handwoven Textiles

Where to buy: Dajiban peth area

Hubli is also known for its skilled weavers, who create beautiful handwoven textiles that showcase the region’s rich textile heritage. From traditional Ilkal sarees to intricate Kutch embroidery, these handwoven textiles come in various designs and patterns that are perfect for home décor, clothing, or accessories. Browse through the local markets to find one-of-a-kind handwoven fabrics that will add a unique and authentic touch to your collection.

7. Wooden Handicrafts

Where to buy: Bamboo bazaar, old Hubli area.

Basavaraj Savanur 20211128 114455 Hubli.net
20211128 114322 1 Hubli.net

Alongside bamboo handicrafts, Hubli also boasts a thriving wooden handicraft industry. Skilled artisans create a variety of decorative and functional items from locally sourced wood, such as intricate wall hangings, carved statues, and ornate furniture. These wooden handicrafts make for great additions to your home, showcasing the traditional craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage of Hubli. Look out for unique pieces that catch your eye, and don’t hesitate to engage with the artisans to learn more about their art and the stories behind their creations.

8. Local Snacks and Delicacies

Hubli special Girmit

Apart from Dharwad Pedha, Hubli has a wide range of local snacks and delicacies to satisfy your taste buds. Try the spicy and tangy Khara Mandakki, a popular puffed rice snack, or indulge in the crispy and savory Nippattu, a traditional deep-fried snack made from rice flour and spices.

Don’t forget to sample Hubli’s famous Kunda, a milk-based sweet dish that’s sure to delight your palate. Bring home some of these delicious treats to share with your loved ones, allowing them to experience the unique flavors of Hubli.

Supporting Local Artisans

By purchasing handicrafts and other items made by local artisans, you’re not only taking home a piece of Hubli’s rich cultural heritage but also supporting the livelihoods of the skilled craftsmen and women who create these beautiful products.

Shopping in Hubli allows you to make a positive impact on the local community, and encourages the preservation of traditional crafts and techniques for future generations.

Final Words

In conclusion, shopping in Hubli offers an unforgettable experience that highlights the region’s vibrant cultural heritage and remarkable craftsmanship. This comprehensive shopper’s guide equips you with the knowledge to effortlessly navigate bustling markets and discover famous things to buy in Hubli, ensuring you return home with perfect souvenirs and keepsakes to cherish your trip.

From traditional handicrafts and luxurious silk sarees to mouth-watering delicacies, Hubli has something for everyone, making it an essential destination for shopaholics and culture enthusiasts alike.


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