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The Hubli Fish Market, Ganesh Peth – Latest Pics

BHK fish mall Ganesh peth Hubli
Fish fry

The Hubli Fish Market is one of a kind and a unique experience for its visitors. There was once when the ONLY place to buy fish in Hubli could be found in Ganesh Peth – but times are changing fast!

Smaller shops have popped up all across town serving as alternatives for our craving desires with more variety of seafood than ever before available today; let us explore this fascinating market together!

However, the biggest fish market in Hubli still remains the “Ganesh Peth Fish Market.

Ganesh Peth Fish Market Guide

So, this evening (Sep 24, 2020), my dad felt like eating “Surma Tawa Fry” and invited me to join him at the fish market.

We are going to get some fresh Kingfish from the Ganesh Peth fish market for tonight’s feast.

I am not a huge fan of seafood, but the Kingfish and prawns are an occasional YES!

So, let’s have a look at some of the pictures I took in Hubli’s biggest fish market, located in Ganesh Peth.

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Where is Ganesh Peth in Hubli?

I know, you could have just Googled “Ganesh Peth Fish Market” in your Google maps, but for your convenience, I am outlining Ganesh Peth in the map below.

Interactive map of Ganesh Peth fish market, Hubli.

Inside The Hubli Fish Market (Ganesh Peth)

A customer in one of the fish shops in Ganesh Peth makes sure he gets the fish weighed correctly.

Hubli fish market, Ganesh peth

They took this bad boy out, especially for this picture @ BHK Fish Mall

BHK Fish Mall Ganesh Peth, Big fish pose

Not sure what fish is this.

ganesh peth fish bazaar hubli 1 Hubli.net

A friendly and soft-spoken shopkeeper posing with a King Fish

A friendly shop keeper posing with a King Fish (Surmai)

A sales executive posing with a King Prawn @ BHK Fish Mall

bhk fish mall king prawn pose Hubli.net

Scrubbing off the coat!

Cleaning off the fish coat

Is that a Pomfret fish? @ Dharwadkar Fish Stall

Preparing a customer's order @ Dharwadkar Fish Stall

Have you tried this fish?

What fish is this?

Some more shots @ BHK Fish Mall

Variety of fish in the Hubli fish market

A portion of King fish ready to be packed!

surma king fish bata Hubli.net

The Hubli fish market is filled with seafood shops, so expect to be approached. If you are not interested, you may politely say, “No Thank You” and walk away and nobody will bother you.

Best Dealer In The Hubli Fish Market

BHK Fish Mall Ganesh Peth Hubli Hubli.net

Why BHK Fish Mall Is Our Top Choice?

What I liked about BHK Fish Mall, in particular, is the owner of this outlet feels, it’s not just about buying fish. Thought is given to the seafood shopping experience as a whole.

  • I found it a lot more cleaner compared to other outlets in the Hubli fish market
  • A place to sit while your selected seafood is cleaned, cut, and packed for you
  • No waiting in the crowd and shouting, “mujhe jaldi de do bhaiya”. BHK has a token system.
  • Friendly and helpful staff that do not shy away from answering questions
  • Home delivery available.
  • Overall a good outlet with fair-pricing.
BHK business card

BHK Google Map

So, how has been your experience in the Hubli fish market in Ganesh Peth?

Do let me know in the comments below. But wait, I am yet to share today’s Surma Tawa fry picture.

Here it is!

King Fish (Surmai) Tawa Fry
King Fish (Surmai) Tawa Fry



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